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Phuket Liveaboard

From May to October 2018, MV Gentle Giant offers a unique Phuket liveaboard trip. This three-day-two-night trip covers all the popular dive sites of 3 main diving routes of Phuket Island, including Racha island, PP Island, King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point and Koh Doc Mai, completing 10 dives over 3 days.

For those who have come to Phuket for scuba diving, should have already been familiar with diving from day trip boat.  You need to spend at least half to 1 hour on the road on the way to the boat and spend another 1-2 hours on the boat before getting to the first dive site. Now, it is the first time that you can experience something different which is to dive from a liveaboard.  This means you can avoid heavy traffic in the morning and evening when embarking and disembarking the day trip boat.

On a liveaboard, other than scuba diving, you can also enjoy yourself watching movies, sun bathing, swimming or snorkeling, all as you like.  On Saturday night, you’ll have free time to go onto the island to enjoy night sightseeing of the famous Phi Phi island.


Trip Itinerary

        Racha island - Phi Phi island - King Cruiser wreck - Shark point - Koh Doc Mai (3D/2N)

Day 1 (Friday)

We begin customer pick up from hotel early Friday morning about 9:00-9:30 to MV Gentle Giant and depart to Racha Yai doing the 1st dive and continue to Racha Noi island doing 2nd dive.  If weather allows, we will do our 3rd dive at South Tip of Racha Noi island which you'll have the chance to encounter ocean's gentle giant like Manta which occasionally make the appearance at this dive site.      


Day 2 (Saturday)

We do 4 dives around Phi Phi island which include popular Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Kled Kaew Wreck and Hin Bida.  After the last dive of the day, our boat would moor up at Phi Phi island, giving customers the chance to go onto Phi Phi island to enjoy night sightseeing of the famous and well known island.


Day 3 (Sunday)

Start the day doing 3 dives at King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point and Koh Doc Mai. We expect to be back to Chalong pier around 4:00 pm and transfer back to hotel.



Below are brief introduction of the dive sites that our trip will cover over this 3 days liveaboard trip :

1) Racha Noi / Racha Yai Islands

With shallow depth, calm, mostly sandy bottom, and clear water with minimum 15 meters visibility, it makes them a perfect spot for all dive training .The bottom can stretch down from 5 to 50 m deep. There are also artificial reef made by cement and shipwreck sunk down purposely to create home for the fish. It takes about 1.5 hrs from Chalong pier to the dive site by diving boat. Fish that can be commonly seen here are butterfly fish, lionfish, snapper, garden eel , batfish, barracuda and so on..  

2) King Cruiser Wreck/shark point/koh doc mai

King Cruiser wreck was a car and passenger ferry that sank on 4th May 1997 from an accident when the ship hit a submerged rock while going from Phuket to Phi Phi island. The wreck is 85 m long and 25 m wide and lies in an upright position. The depth is around 33 m at the bottom and about 18m on top.

Shark Point is only 5-10 min. by boat from King Cruiser wreck. It offers a diversity of fish and coral; and are covered with striking purple and pink soft corals. The maximum depth of this site is around 20-22 m.

Koh Doc Mai is a limestone island stretches vertically down to 24-28m that makes it a wall dive. Fish that are commonly seen from these 3 dive sites are snapper, eels, lionfish, pufferfish, anemone fish, bamboo shark and so on.

3) Phi Phi Island

The dive sites that are popular for scuba diving is a small rocky island called Bida Nok, located to the south of Phi Phi island. The depth starts from 6 m down to bottom of 20-25 m. Although the visibility is not always good, it has vast variety of Marine life. Leopard shark and blacktip reef shark may sometimes be found along the reef line. Look into the blue you may also see school of barracuda, yellow snapper, colorful reef fish such as pufferfish, porcupine fish and lionfish. 

Trip schedule

Trip No.DestinationDepartureReturn
7Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point29-Jun-181-Jul-18
8Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point6-Jul-188-Jul-18
9Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point13-Jul-1815-Jul-18
10Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point20-Jul-1822-Jul-18
11Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point27-Jul-1829-Jul-18
12Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point3-Aug-185-Aug-18
13Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point10-Aug-1812-Aug-18
14Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point17-Aug-1819-Aug-18
15Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point24-Aug-1826-Aug-18
16Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point31-Aug-182-Sep-18
17Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point7-Sep-189-Sep-18
18Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point14-Sep-1816-Sep-18
19Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point21-Sep-1823-Sep-18
20Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point28-Sep-1830-Sep-18
21Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point1-Oct-183-Oct-18
22Racha island-Phi Phi-King Cruiser Wreck-Shark Point4-Oct-186-Oct-18



Trip Price


Master Cabin

Deluxe Cabin

Standard Cabin


21,000 baht

19,500 baht

18,500 baht

Non Diver

18,900 baht

17,550 baht

16,650 baht


              Price includes:

                              < 2 nights accommodation onboard total 10 dives.

                              < 3 main meals daily

                              < Snack,  coffee, tea, soft drinks and drinking water.

                              < Towel, shampoo and soap.

                              < 12 L tank, weight belt, weight.

                              < Transfer from hotel or airport to boat on the day of trip departure and arrival.

                              < Professional dive guide with ratio of 5 divers maximum per 1 dive guide.


              Not includes :

                              < Phi Phi National park and diving fees (600 baht) to be paid onboard.

                              < Alcohol drinks

                              < Equipment rental

                                     < BCD 250 baht/day

                                     < Regulator 250 baht/day

                                     < Wetsuit 100 baht/day

                                     < Mask 100 baht/day

                                     < Fin 100 baht/day  

                        Full set 500 baht/day

               Extras : < NTX 250 baht/tank

                              < 15 L Tank 200 baht/tank                              

                              < Dive computer 250 baht/day

                              < Torch 50 baht/dive